All About Box Packing Tapes

Box packing tape, also called packaging tape or box tape, is a high-pressure, adhesive tape used to seal or close corrugated cardboard boxes. Box packing tape has a double layer of sticky backing, which makes it easy to spread and work over the box’s surface. Corrugated boxes are made of cardboard and sometimes vinyl. They are commonly used for shipping goods, food, medicine and even toys. Box packaging tapes can be used to add additional layers of protection, such as soundproofing, to help protect audio and video equipment from damage.

There are many different types of packaging tape on the market. Box packing tape has been around for years and has proven very useful. Because of its unique properties, box packing tape has become one of the tape types most commonly used. It’s important that you choose the tape that will serve your specific needs and applications.

Box tape comes in two types: flat and duct tape. The flat type of packaging tape has a smooth and flat surface, which makes it great for use with wrapping and draping. Box packing tape works best when it’s used over an existing surface, such as foam, to adhere to its sticky backing. Duct tape has small holes that allow air to flow through the tape. This means that it has no air pockets that could tear or cramp your supplies.

Both types of box packing tape have the ability to provide excellent packaging, but there are significant differences in the level of packaging security they provide. Flat packaging tape features an extra-strong, sticky backside to keep supplies securely stuck to its backing. Duct tape does not feature this added strength. When choosing between the two types of packaging, be sure you know what you need the extra security from and which will work best for your specific application.

Whether you’re mailing packages or transporting documents or packages, you can find quality box packing tape in many colors and designs. When looking for a durable, high-quality tape for your business, think about the needs of your customers. If you frequently ship office supplies to clients or potential clients, you’ll likely need a high-quality, flexible tape that can withstand both heavy lifting and quick transit. For smaller lighter items, however, flat tape may be enough to meet your needs. If you plan to do a lot of packing and shipping, duct tape is generally better for larger items, because it’s less likely to rip and tear.

Most boxes packaging tape features an adhesive backing to make it easier to seal. Many tapes also feature a latex or gel based adhesive to ensure a more reliable sealing job is made. Many tape models also feature a unique double hooking design that allows for easy installation. Because sealing and packing tape comes in so many different shapes, sizes and colors, there’s bound to be one that’s right for your packaging needs.